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Centralization of Japan in the Asuka period

At the middle of the 7th century, Tang-China invaded the Goguryeo kingdom in the Korean peninsula. Therefore, to prepare for the Tang aggression, neighboring nations had to unify inside of the countries and establish centralized governments.
In those days, the Soga clan had huge power in the Yamato Imperial Court. They had killed the descendants of Shotoku Taishi. To stop the tyranny of the Soga clan, Prince Nakano Oe along with Kamatari-Nakatomi, who was an officer of the Court, rose against the Soga clan in 645AD. Hereby, the most powerful clan, Soga, since the Kofun era was destroyed.
After the fall of the Soga clan, the Imperial Court reformed the political system and pushed forward the centralization of Japan. In 646 AD, the Yamato Imperial Court announced “Kaishin-no-Mikotonori”, which showed the details of the reform. For example, the system of Kouchi-Koumin, means that the land and people were owned by the Emperor, and all people and land were registered. Then people were given rice fields, but people had to pay a heavy tax to the Court in exchange for the gift of land. Taxes were paid in rice and regional special products such as silk, cotton. In addition, men had to work for free on construction sites in the capital.
Furthermore, regional governments called “Kori” were established in every region. 
The central government system was improved and the government was operated at the Naniwa-no-Miya palace in today's Osaka.
※The Asuka period ranged from the later 6th century to the mid 7th century.
The Asuka period coincides with the later Kofun period.

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