1:the 5th century


The Yamato Imperial Court’s political system in the Kofun period

From the 5th century to the 6th century, the Yamato Imperial Court led by Okimi, later Emperor, formed a ruling system that subdued regional ruling families from the Kanto, around today’s Tokyo, area to the middle of Kyusyu area, which is a western island of the Japanese archipelago.


The system was called Shisei-system. (氏姓制度) This was composed of Uji and Kabane . First, the Court established Uji that was an organization of local lords classified by blood relationship. Then each Uji was given some role and Okimi gave Kabane to Uji depending on the role. Later, Kabane showed the Uji's rank in the Imperial Court.


↑Takamatsuzuka-Kofun in Nara prefecture

This photo is from AC



※the Kofun period ranged from the later third century to the seventh century.

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