The Jomon Period and the Jomon earthenware

About ten thousand years ago, Japan became an archipelago. After the glacier began to melt due to the temperature rising, Japan was separated from the Continent by the Sea of Japan, which was formed by the rise in sea level.

In those days, people in Japan made the Jomon earthenware, Jomon means straw rope pattern; the earthenware had patterns on the surface. The period is called the Jomon era, which lasted about  ten thousand years. The Jomon earthenware is regarded as the oldest earthenware in the world.

The_jomon_earthenware3  The_jomon_earthenware2



These earthenware are owned by The Nishitokyo-city hometown museum.


the Paleolithic period

It is said that the Paleolithic period lasted from about three million years ago until ten thousand years ago.

In those days, it is thought that people lived in caves and used chipped stone tools and ate animals and nuts.

It is considered that Japan was a part of the Eurasian Continent then it was thought that people had not lived in Japan at that time, because chipped stone tools were never found in Japan.

↓chipped stone tools excavated at Takainari Barrow owned by Nerima Shakujii Furusato Museum


However, in 1949, Tadahiro Aizawa discovered a chipped stone tool for the first time in Japan.

He was an amateur archeologist who excavated and researched at Iwajuku in Gunma prefecture. In 1949, he discovered a chipped stone tool made of obsidian in perfect condition. After he reported his find, some professor's research team was dispatched to the site and the tool was confirmed genuine. However, Mr. Aizawa was an unknown amateur archeologist who had not received academic education, so the great discovery was announced as the professor's achievement.

In spite of the cruel treatment, Mr. Aizawa never gave up and continued excavation. Then he found many ruins of the Paleolithic era. As a result, his accomplishments were widely recognized.

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