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Tokyo SKYTREE in Tokyo Japan

This tower is TOKYO SKYTREE.

It's a broadcasting tower with restaurants and observation decks in Sumida-ward Tokyo.

It's the tallest structure in Japan. It's 634 meters tall.

The height was decided on for two reasons.

First, it's the tallest free-standing tower in the world.

Second, "634" can be pronounced as "MUSASHI" in Japanese.

"MUSASHI" is an old name of Tokyo area.

It was completed in 2012.


They have two observatories.

The height of the first observation deck is about 350 meters. 

The second deck's height is 450 meters.

↓The view from the deck at 450 meters.


↑This photo was taken by my English teacher.

Thanks, Cindy!

You need to buy tickets to go these decks..

It's a very popular sightseeing spot,

so I recommend you to book the ticket on their website.

Tokyo SKYTREE website




Kumade at Tokyo metropolitan government in Tokyo Japan


This is a Kumade.

Kumade is a rake that can gather up a large amount of fallen leaves.

Kazari Kumade is an ornament. It is often handmade by traditional craftsmen.

Kazari Kumade is believed to gather up fortune, wealth, business success and family


You can obtain Kazari Kumade at Torinoichi, which are held in various places

including Asakusa in November.

Torinoichi are regarded as seasonal festivals announcing the arrival of winter.

You can see this Kazari Kumade at the second floor of

Tokyo metropolitan government building.


Shinjuku eye at Shinjuku station in Tokyo Japan

This is an objet in Shinjuku station.


It's a huge eye on the wall of the Subaru building.

People often wait friends in front of the objet, because you can find the big eye easily.


Shinjuku station is one of the most crowded and complicated stations in Japan.

Therefore when you see people at the station, it's important to choose the place

where you can easily find people who need to see.

Shinjuku eye

Basement 1, the west exit of Shinjuku station


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