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Kagurazaka in Tokyo Japan # Japanese tempura restaurant "Tenko"

This is a tempura restaurant "Tenko".


The restaurant has been serving delicious tempura since 1977.

If you want to take dinner at this restaurant, you need to book.

The cost of dinner is at least 20,000 yen ( about 200 U.S. dollars).

However,  you can enjoy nice lunch more reasonable!

The cheapest lunch menu is "Tendon".

"Tendon" is a dish that several tempuras are on rice.

The price of Tendon is 2500 yen ( about 25 U.S. dollars).

There are other lunch menus too.

Map: https://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=3-1+Kagurazaka+Shinjuku+Tokyo&ie=UTF-8

Address: 3-1 Kagurazaka Shinjyuku-ward Tokyo Japan

tel: 81-3-3269-1414

website in Japanese : http://kagurazaka-tenko.com/info.html


Kagurazaka in Tokyo Japan # Japanese restaurant "SEKI"

There are many sophisticated restaurants in Kagurazaka.


This is a Japanese restaurant "世喜 seki".

If you want to enjoy expensive full course dinner,

you need to make reservation beforehand.

However, if you would like to enjoy more casual dinner at this restaurant,

you don't need to book.

Their casual dinner course is 3000 yen, about 30 U.S. dollars.

It doesn't include drink fee.

I think that the potion sizes are not so big,

but you can enjoy the atmosphere of a classic Japanese restaurant.

Map: http://diddlefinger.com/m/tokyoto/tokyo/384455

4-2 Kagurazaka Shinjuku-ward Tokyo Japan

tel: 81-3-3260-1637

website in Japanese : http://tokyo-calendar.com/restaurants/779


Kagurazaka in Tokyo Japan # restaurant "YUKIMOTO"

The Kagurazaka area has a rich history.

The area used to be flourished with craftsmen,  full of samurai's residences.

In addition, it was a popular shrine and temple district in Edo era between 1603-1868.


In Meiji era between 1868-1911,

it was one of the greatest entertainment districts in Tokyo.

There were many Japanese restaurants and geishas.

Even today, some of old restaurants can be seen in the narrow lanes.

If you are lucky, you are able to see geishas in the streets.


↑This Japanese restaurant "幸本 Yukimoto" is very high class.

You can enjoy fine sophisticated Japanese dishes.

Moreover, you can enjoy Geisha's dance and music  at this restaurant, if you want.

However, you know, it's very very expensive.

The cheapest dinner at the restaurant is about 10,000yen. ( about U.S. $100)

You also need to pay service fee, drink fee and Geisha's fee.

I have heard that you need to prepare at least 400 U.S. dollars per person,

if you want to invite Geisha to your dinner.

Therefore I recommend you to ask staff about the cost when you book.


Here is the website of  "幸本 Yukimoto".

Unfortunately they don't have staff who can speak English.

Therefore someone who can speak Japanese should call the restaurant

to book your dinner and I recommend you to go the restaurant with someone

who help you to communicate to staff.




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