Ca: Asakusa


Sensoji-temple at Asakusa in Tokyo

According to a legend, this temple was built in 628.

It is the oldest temple in Tokyo.


It is said that when two fishermen fished in the Sumida River,

they found a Cannon statue, and then a wealthy landlord enshrined the Cannon here.



The Thunder gate at Asakusa in Tokyo


This is the Kaminarimon gate, it means thunder gate.


This is a gate of Sensouji-temple and a symbol of Asakusa.

Inside of the gate, there are wooden statues. Right side of it is the wind god. Left side of it is the thunder god. They are guardian gods of this temple.

The original gate was built in the 10th century. However the gate was burnt several times over the centuries. Today's gate was built in 1960 donated by Konosuke Matsushita who was one of the most famous Japanese business men.

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